These limitations leave a gap open for miscommunication and a lack of reassurance on both sides of the screen. Even a well-intentioned listener trying to detect microexpressions can end up having a longer or more intense eye stare, which can be read by the viewing person as hostility. “Connecting with co-workers at work, and chatting about things outside of the job, helps build relationships and teams,” Carpineto said. “In addition, team building activities or even starting Zoom meetings off with a more friendly banter helps build those collaborative relationships in a remote setting more easily.”

  • Accordingly, employers, teachers, and friends should use the technologies as judiciously as possible, keeping virtual meetings, classes, and conversations short and to-the-point.
  • To avoid overloading your Zoom meeting schedule, assess whether a video meeting is necessary.
  • In a hybrid model you work from home half of the week and report to the office for the other half.
  • Zoom and related technologies were necessary during the COVID-19 shutdowns.
  • A sure-fire way to get rid of Zoom fatigue is to stop associating Zooming with only stressful work calls.
  • So the same issues of work-from-home burnout and Zoom fatigue that posed problems during the pandemic will remain salient for the foreseeable future.

That means the connections that were provided by work dynamics in person may not be as easy to find with video conferencing communication. When speaking to others remotely, remind yourself that there is lag time and that the other person is likely not being rude or unfriendly on purpose. You may also benefit from getting up and stretching and practicing deep breathing before and after video conferencing calls. If you have any influence over meting schedules, plan to allow time for those much-needed cognitive breaks. With remote work likely here to stay in some capacity, it’s important to assess the ways in which you’re using video conferencing sessions so you can avoid burnout.

Eliminate differences in backgrounds.

When you talk to multiple people on the same video call, your mind rapidly shifts focus from one person to another, each of whom may have a different background. Your brain’s central vision gets challenged as it has to process all the people at the same time and may not be able to focus on the speaker. This causes you to constantly pay partial attention to each person, and you may end up multitasking.

how to avoid zoom fatigue while working from home

“Part of reducing my WFH fatigue included ensuring I had a comfortable, inspiring, and motivating space,” Couse said. Carpineto and Couse shared several tips about working remotely and alleviating burnout, based on their experiences. All of these different ways to get ready for the work day have helped Couse with her self-described work-from-home fatigue. AttendanceBot allows companies of all sizes to take care of attendance and leave management without wasting time while still keeping managers in the loop. When you need a call to be an audio-only call, add something like “Video optional” or “Participants can keep their camera off” in the invite.

Zoom etiquette tips for employees

Mirror anxiety refers to the unease of seeing your video image displayed on your computer screen during a video conference call. “Because you’re looking at an object close up for an extended period of time, you may be able to feel the strain in your eyes and also a little bit of a headache,” Feldman said. Sometimes you get up to go to work because you love what you do, sometimes you get up so you can work with your friends.

  • “Connecting with co-workers at work, and chatting about things outside of the job, helps build relationships and teams,” Carpineto said.
  • Similarly, collaboration platforms such as G Suite can allow for document, schedule, and to-do list sharing that can eliminate the need for conference calls, thereby reducing Zoom Fatigue.
  • People have learned to make the most of this scenario, including teachers, students, and parents.
  • Tracking wins and good habits can prove that even when you finish the day with items left on your to-do list, you might accomplish more than you think.

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